See our crowdfunding equity campaign!  Learn more!

See our crowdfunding equity campaign!  Learn more!


Starting from $59


Starting from $99


Starting from $180

market segments

Small contractor

Spend your time earning more money rather than pricing and fetching supplies.

Mid-Sized Contractor@2x

Make your sourcing teams more efficient by using the BuildClub as your one stop shop

Large Contractor@2x

Leverage your total buying power by having BuildClub offer negotiated materials pricing to all of your specialty contractors.

Owner material buyer

Save significant money on materials with the BuildClub sourcing and managing your materials storage, logistics and on-demand delivery keeping your project on time and on budget.




Lumber & Composites

Concrete, Cement & Masonry

Plywood & Sheathing

Fencing & Decking




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Attention, Contractors! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your overstock items into cash. Submit your surplus building materials, tools, and equipment on our user-friendly website. Connect with motivated buyers and effortlessly sell your excess inventory. Don’t let valuable resources go unused – start submitting your items now and maximize your profits!

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Same-Day Building Material Delivery

Stop wasting time looking for what you need at multiple local stores. We’ve got everything you need under one roof! Finish projects faster & smarter with our same-day building material delivery service. 

Finish Faster & Smarter

Skip The Trip
Get It Delivered Same Day

BuildClub was created to liberate contractors and DIY project managers of the unnecessary time commitments spent sourcing building materials from nearby home improvement stores. These stores are almost always geared towards your average Joe retail consumer and often either don’t have the building materials contractors need, don’t have the quantity they need and, if they do, don’t have reliable fast delivery. With BuildClub, all of the building materials you need are combined in one easy-to-use online location and available for immediate delivery.