The BuildClub

About us

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Stephen Forte - Founder & CEO

No, we are not the building materials supplier from the 1980’s with the grumpy guy behind the counter… Nor are we a faceless big box store, with no customer service….

We are a Silicon Valley startup founded to solve the problem of construction material sourcing and delivery. 

Small contractors spend too much unbilled time driving a truck and fetching materials, rather than making money with more projects.  

Mid-size construction companies are forced to have full time teams and drivers adding overhead and fixed costs.  

Large construction companies need to deal with many specialty contractors and their sourcing and delivery companies, burning time and adding complexity.

We track 17,000,000 building products per day in 15 cities, monitoring pricing and inventory levels.  Our algorithms can find the best sourcing techniques for our purchasing team, while finding opportunities to move materials between markets.

The BuildClub offers an intelligent, tech based sourcing solution for the materials you need, at the most competitive prices… All delivered to the job site with just-in-time delivery.

– Stephen Forte, Founder & CEO

530 Lytton Avenue
2nd Floor
Palo Alto, California 94301